Albemarle Supervisors agree to increase pay members of Planning Commissioners, other boards

There are five Boards or Commissions in Albemarle County for which the members get paid a small stipend. These include the Architectural Review Board, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Equalization Board, and the Planning Commission. The Fire Prevention Board of Appeals is the same body as the Board of Building Code Appeals.

Last week, Supervisors were briefed on a recommendation to increase the stipend. Bowman noted two other boards whose members are paid. 

“I will note that the Electoral Board members also receive compensation but that is set by the General Assembly,” Bowman said. “The Albemarle School Board members receive compensation and that’s approved by the School Board and not the Board of Supervisors.” 

Bowman said there have been no adjustments to the stipend since 2000. Staff is suggesting raising compensation by the same percentage level that the Board of Supervisors’ salaries have been increased since 2000, or a nearly 77 percent rise. 

“That would have a total budget impact of just over $28,000 and that could be funded via the reserve Board contingencies,” Bowman said. 

Supervisors were also asked if they would support moving to an annual increase for these positions. 

Supervisor Donna Price of the Scottsville District said she supported both components.

“The catch-up to bring these individuals up to comparability but also including in here that it would be part of the future process so we don’t run into this gap in the future,” Price said. 

The change will require an update to the county ordinance in order to be fully implemented. 

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