Charlottesville’s 21st Century Journalism Platform Extravaganza

The title says it all.

This is indeed Charlottesville’s 21st Century Journalism Platform Extravaganza. Or rather, it is the human face of Sean Tubbs, one of many people working in the fall of 2020 to create new venues for information-sharing and storytelling. The pandemic has awoken a need for reflection about the community that we have been, and action toward becoming a place that lives up to lofty ideas.

These early days are about experimenting, and this page is intended to be a central source of information about the work that I am doing. I have lived in Charlottesville for a third of my life and most of my journalistic interest is about this place.

I’ve wanted to document a place since I was a kid and I created an online Bulletin Board System to communicate with people in my city. I became a journalist my second year at Virginia Tech, and learned to cover a small community.

Production notes for an issue of the Tech Independent sometime in 1994. My handwriting has not improved.