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Sean Tubbs has been a journalist in Virginia off and on for over 25 years.

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Charlottesville Community Engagement

Charlottesville Quarantine Report


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PATREON Shout-out Policy

Patreon subscribers are eligible for a certain number of shout-outs each month. These are to be quick three to five sentence blurbs which I will read in the podcast and put in the newsletter. Click here to sign up!

These are ideal to publicize the work of nonprofits or the work of individuals, but there are some restrictions. This is still relatively informal, but in a year of doing this, I’ve really enjoyed the relationships I’ve built with those who are using this service. But, there are some restrictions:

  • No political shout-outs or support for candidates for office
  • No commercial products or entities except if it is a paid event 
  • I reserve right to reject any shout-out of PSA if I don’t feel comfortable saying it
  • I encourage publicization of events or specials
  • Consider using it to drive traffic to your own content