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Albemarle Executive report: New disc golf course at Chris Greene Lake, HARTS team in place

In Virginia, a locality’s top manager actually performs the business of government and is responsible for executive actions. In Charlottesville that’s interim City Manager Michael C. Rogers. In Albemarle that is County Executive Jeff Richardson. 

Often reports on what’s happening are made to the elected body. On May 17, Albemarle Supervisors got a report from Trevor Henry, the Deputy County Administrator. They learned there is now a new 18-hole disc golf course at Chris Greene Lake.

“The development of this new amenity in the northern part of the county was a successful partnership between Parks and Recreation by providing the space and in-kind services and the Blue Ridge Disc Golf Club whose members devoted 1,100 volunteer hours to construct the course,” Henry said. 

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Changes may be coming to closed-door planning group

A non-public body of city, county and UVA officials are considering changes to the group operates. 

“There a lot of administration and housekeeping issues that we have worked through,” said Charlottesville Planning Commissioner Hosea Mitchell in a report to his colleagues Tuesday. 

The Land Use and Environmental Planning Committee (LUEPC) was formed after the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and City Council agreed in late 2019 to disband a public body that had operated in public to discuss areas of mutual interest.  It does not have to conform to Virginia’s open meeting laws because no elected officials are members. 

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Albemarle Supervisors endorse Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Last week, Albemarle County became the latest locality in the area to adopt a plan to prepare for natural disasters and other emergencies. The Thomas Jefferson Planning Districts maintains and updates the Regional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, a document required by the federal government in order to qualify for certain grants and other funding sources. (read the plan)

The plan also serves as a guide for how the county uses its resources. 

“It covers from the preventative measures that we might be able to take to actual response strategies including staffing our Emergency Operations Center, recovery, said John Oprandy, Albemarle County’s Deputy Chief of Emergency Management with the Fire and Rescue. 

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Albemarle Supervisors agree to increase pay members of Planning Commissioners, other boards

There are five Boards or Commissions in Albemarle County for which the members get paid a small stipend. These include the Architectural Review Board, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Equalization Board, and the Planning Commission. The Fire Prevention Board of Appeals is the same body as the Board of Building Code Appeals.

Last week, Supervisors were briefed on a recommendation to increase the stipend. Bowman noted two other boards whose members are paid. 

“I will note that the Electoral Board members also receive compensation but that is set by the General Assembly,” Bowman said. “The Albemarle School Board members receive compensation and that’s approved by the School Board and not the Board of Supervisors.” 

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Supervisors agree to hire a housing position in July, six months earlier than expected

The Board of Supervisors adopted a strategic plan last year which serves as the underpinning of the draft budget for fiscal year 2024. 

“One of the takeaways and themes of this budget is that there have been some objectives which are really about taking our existing resources and work plans and seeing those through,” said Andy Bowman, Albemarle’s chief of budget. “There are also those objectives where we really need additional resources to move those forward.” 

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Albemarle Supervisors agree to test out a car-free Free Bridge Lane

The Albemarle Board of Supervisors has endorsed a plan to convert a roadway along the Rivanna River into a car-free zone called for in the Pantops Master Plan. 

“Free Bridge Lane is a low-volume, unstriped local street that extends for approximately for half a mile from Darden-Towe Park at the northern end to U.S. 250 at the Southern end,” said Jessica Hersh-Ballering, a transportation planner with Albemarle County. 

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Walker to retire as Albemarle’s Deputy County Executive

There’s a top opening in the executive leadership in Albemarle County. Deputy County Executive Doug Walker has announced he will retire effective August 1. 

“Our organization has been so fortunate to have Doug for the final ten years of his career,” said County Executive Jeffrey Richardson in a press release. “His ability to adjust on the fly in almost any situation, with a focus on true organizational and community problem-solving and improvement, is rare.”

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Longtime Albemarle Supervisor dies

At the beginning of yesterday’s meeting of the Albemarle Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Donna Price announced the passage of one of the people who has held her seat representing the Scottsville District.

Lindsay Dorrier Jr. has died at the age of 79. 

“He was raised in Scottsville, attended public schools, graduated from St. Christopher School Trinity College, enlisted in the army, graduated from infantry officer candidate school and served as military intelligence,” Price said. 

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Clayborne to chair Albemarle Planning Commission this year

The first meeting of 2023 for most elected bodies has so far featured a selection of officers, as I’ve been reporting. Usually that means the beginning of the meeting is chaired by a familiar face who is not elected. 

In the case of the Albemarle Planning Commission, that means the county’s planning director. That position is currently held on an acting basis by Kevin McDermott. 

“I am opening this meeting because this is our organization meeting and we will begin by electing a chair,” McDermott said. 

The 2022 chair had a nomination.

“I’d like to nominate Commissioner Corey Clayborne for chair of the Albemarle Planning Commission,” said Karen Firehock, Commissioner for the Samuel Miller District. 

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Price elected for second year to chair Albemarle Supervisors; Andrews becomes vice chair

Albemarle County Supervisor Donna Price may not be running for a second term, but she will serve as that elected body’s chair for 2023. The six-member body had their organizational meeting this afternoon as conducted by County Executive Jeffrey Richardson.

“At this time, I will conduct the election of the chair and I will open the floor to nominations and I will open the floor for nominations for chair of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors,” Richardson said. 

“Mr. Richardson, it is a privilege to nominate Supervisor Donna Price to be our chair for 2023,” said Supervisor Ned Gallaway of the Rio District. 

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