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Ranked-choice voting will not be used in Albemarle’s elections this November

At the tail end of the April 19 work session, Supervisors asked if they had any other items to bring up. Supervisor Chair Donna Price had two items.

“First one, ranked-choice voting,” Price said. “Where do we stand in terms of any expenses associated with ranked-choice voting if the Board were to proceed with that this fiscal year?”

Last November, Supervisors were told the county would not be ready for that change in time for the June 20, 2023 primary as I reported at the time.  

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Albemarle Supervisors agree to increase pay members of Planning Commissioners, other boards

There are five Boards or Commissions in Albemarle County for which the members get paid a small stipend. These include the Architectural Review Board, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Equalization Board, and the Planning Commission. The Fire Prevention Board of Appeals is the same body as the Board of Building Code Appeals.

Last week, Supervisors were briefed on a recommendation to increase the stipend. Bowman noted two other boards whose members are paid. 

“I will note that the Electoral Board members also receive compensation but that is set by the General Assembly,” Bowman said. “The Albemarle School Board members receive compensation and that’s approved by the School Board and not the Board of Supervisors.” 

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Charlottesville seeking applications for boards and commissions

So you’ve read this newsletter or listened to this podcast for a while. Or maybe you just started. Either way, perhaps you’d like to have a chance of being in the newsletter! One way to do that is to get yourself appointed to a Board or Commission in the City of Charlottesville. Applications are open now. 

“We believe it is not only the right, but the responsibility of interested and capable citizens to become engaged in local government policy by advising City Council on important community-related issues,” reads a press release that went out this morning.

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Supervisors agree to hire a housing position in July, six months earlier than expected

The Board of Supervisors adopted a strategic plan last year which serves as the underpinning of the draft budget for fiscal year 2024. 

“One of the takeaways and themes of this budget is that there have been some objectives which are really about taking our existing resources and work plans and seeing those through,” said Andy Bowman, Albemarle’s chief of budget. “There are also those objectives where we really need additional resources to move those forward.” 

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Supervisors endorse $2.9 million plan to rebuild athletic fields at Darden Towe

After six work sessions and multiple town halls, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will hold the public hearing tonight on the $551.5 million total budget for fiscal year 2024. 

The recommended budget for this year included funding over five years for two grass fields at the new Biscuit Run Park. 

“This would be a total project of $3.9 million with design and construction that would take place with those fields beginning in fiscal year 26,” said Andy Bowen, Albemarle’s Chief of Budget.

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