Rutherford to serve second year as chair of Nelson County Supervisors

The Nelson County Board of Supervisors were called to order yesterday by Jesse Rutherford of the East District. He held the gavel all of last year but turned it over to County Administrator Candy McGarry moments after the meeting began. 

“I will now open up the floor for nominations for chair of the Board of Supervisors for 2023,” McGarry said.

Before a motion was made for a nomination, Robert Barton of the South District commented that he was next in line for the position but did not want it.

“I think for a couple of reasons,” Barton said. “One of which is that I think Jesse has done a really nice job  and that we need to continue doing what we’re doing

Barton also said that his health was not where he would want it to be to do the work. 

“I feel it’s best for the county that I don’t do that particular job so I’d like to make a motion that for the second year in a row, Jesse Rutherford be the chairman,” Barton said. 

The motion was seconded with no other nominations but the vote was not unanimous. Supervisor Thomas Harvey of the North District voted no but the rest voted for Rutherford, who then got the gavel back. 

Barton nominated J. David Parr of the West District as vice chair and that vote was unanimous. 

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