Greene County Supervisors select Herring as chair, Durrer as vice chair

The five member Board of Supervisors kicked off another year of business yesterday with their reorganizational meeting. Their gathering was called into order by Brenda Garton, who is serving as the county’s interim administrator for the second time in five years.

“It has been the practice in Greene County for the county administrator to take over the meeting for the nomination of the chair so at this time entertain a motion for Chair from the Board,” Garton said. 

Supervisor Steve Bowman of the Monroe District nominated Supervisor Dale Herring to be chair. He had been vice chair for the previous year and his elevation to chair was unanimous though he abstained from the vote. 

Bowman nominated Marie Durrer of the Midway District to serve as vice chair. She held the gavel in 2022. After the nominations, Supervisors went into closed session as they do at the beginning of every regular meeting.  Items discussed included candidates for a permanent replacement for County Administrator, potential legal action over a breach of contract, as well as acquisition of property for a public use. 

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