New names proposed for Clark and Venable schools

A Charlottesville City Schools Committee is recommending that the names of two city elementary schools be changed. 

“Although the committee considered keeping or modifying the names Venable and Clark, in the end, members decided that maintaining the original names in any way would continue to uphold the original, problematic namesakes,” reads the school system’s website.

Third and fourth graders then voted on potential names. Venable Students chose Trailblazer Elementary by a wide margin, according to city schools. The name honors the Charlottesville 12 and others who fought for an equal education. It is also “is an invitation for students to continue blazing new trails today.” 

The vote at Clark was much closer. Friendship Elementary won by a slight margin. Here’s the website again: 

“The name Friendship Elementary honors the relationships that are at the heart of a school and references the current name of Friendship Court, which anchors the school in a geographic place that is home to many Clark students. The name of Friendship Court is subject to change as part of the facility’s redesign.”

Summit Elementary is the second place choice. The School Board has asked for more public comment on the two names. People are asked to email before January 5. 

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