Monthly Archives: December 2022

New names proposed for Clark and Venable schools

A Charlottesville City Schools Committee is recommending that the names of two city elementary schools be changed. 

“Although the committee considered keeping or modifying the names Venable and Clark, in the end, members decided that maintaining the original names in any way would continue to uphold the original, problematic namesakes,” reads the school system’s website.

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Charlottesville infrastructure updates: Sanders seeks more time to help city build back capacity

One of the main purposes of this newsletter is to keep track of various pieces of transportation infrastructure. There’s a lot to report from last night’s City Council meeting as Deputy City Manager Sam Sanders offered several updates. 

For background, this has been a year in which the city of Charlottesville’s inability to complete transportation projects became an issue with the Virginia Department of Transportation. Several projects were canceled and the city has hired a new transportation planner to help with staff capacity to manage the workload. Here are some articles on the topic from this year:

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Warrenton’s top cop to become next Charlottesville Police Chief

Charlottesville City Council has approved the selection of Michael Kochis to serve as the city’s next police chief.  Interim City Manager Michael C. Rogers made the announcement during last night’s City Council meeting after explaining the process. 

The firm Polihire was hired to conduct the search and they identified five candidates. Three finalists appeared last week at a forum run by the Police Civilian Oversight Board and the process also included input from committees. 

“Through that process and looking at the rating of the various committees of the various candidates it became clear that one candidate stood above the others,” Rogers said. “That candidate was Michael Kochis.” 

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