Charlottesville Area Transit to study alternative fuels

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is expecting additional funding due to more favorable revenue forecasts, and agencies such as Charlottesville Area Transit will receive additional money this fiscal year. CAT Director Garland Williams told City Council on March 7 that his agency will receive an additional $980,599. About a third of that will be used for a study Williams told Council about at a work session on January 18. (watch the entire work session

“We talked about doing alternative fuel vehicles as priority vision number two,” Williams said. “The $300,000 that will be earmarked will complete the feasibility study and help us to also develop the integration plan.” 

The remaining funds would be added to this year’s operating budget. 

Today the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation has launched a new campaign to try to encourage people to return to public transit. The Rediscover Your Ride program is part of the DRPT’s Transit Recovery Initiative.  

“We know there’s a lot to consider as you head back to work, school, or anywhere else,” says the narrator of a television spot. “For over a year, public transportation providers have put your health first by working hard to make your ride as safe as possible. As you think about getting on board, you can trust we’re taking care of the big things.”

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Today the Virginia Department of Health reports another 350 new cases and the percent positivity is 4.2 percent. 

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