Albemarle launches online portal for land use applications

This morning Albemarle County announced the public launch of software intended to make it easier for builders and developers to apply for land use permits and changes. Camino will allow for online submission of “building permits, architectural review board applications, home occupations, subdivisions and applications relating to our water protection ordinance.” 

“Camino will create a more streamlined and automated front-end interface, resulting in complete applications prior to submission,” said Jodie Filardo, Director of Community Development. “It will enable faster processing times and implements the first of many technology-oriented process improvements within the department.”

The system will cost $40,000 for the first year, according to Emily Kilroy. She’s Albemarle’s Director of Communications and Public Engagement.  

The new software is one of many projects under the county’s Core Systems Modernization initiative. Kilroy said other examples include a new Human Resource Information System, an Enterprise Resource Planning system, and a Customer Relationship Management system.

The current way to track and monitor land use applications, CountyView, will continue to be available. 

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