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February 2022 Property Transactions: Brown’s Store on Avon Street sells for $2.4 million; Former Cavalier Diner building sells for $1.3 million

When you read through my latest installment of monthly property transaction summaries, think about the 2022 assessments in Charlottesville. Virginia state law requires properties to be assessed at 100 percent of their fair market value as determined by the appropriate local government. 

“Market value is defined as the most probable price expressed in terms of money that a property would bring if exposed for sale on the open market,” reads an FAQ on the website of the Charlottesville City Assessor. “The sale should be an arms-length transaction between a willing seller and a willing buyer, both of whom are knowledgeable concerning all the uses to which the property is adapted and for which it is capable of being used.” 

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Albemarle launches online portal for land use applications

This morning Albemarle County announced the public launch of software intended to make it easier for builders and developers to apply for land use permits and changes. Camino will allow for online submission of “building permits, architectural review board applications, home occupations, subdivisions and applications relating to our water protection ordinance.” 

“Camino will create a more streamlined and automated front-end interface, resulting in complete applications prior to submission,” said Jodie Filardo, Director of Community Development. “It will enable faster processing times and implements the first of many technology-oriented process improvements within the department.”

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Charlottesville Area Transit to study alternative fuels

The Commonwealth Transportation Board is expecting additional funding due to more favorable revenue forecasts, and agencies such as Charlottesville Area Transit will receive additional money this fiscal year. CAT Director Garland Williams told City Council on March 7 that his agency will receive an additional $980,599. About a third of that will be used for a study Williams told Council about at a work session on January 18. (watch the entire work session

“We talked about doing alternative fuel vehicles as priority vision number two,” Williams said. “The $300,000 that will be earmarked will complete the feasibility study and help us to also develop the integration plan.” 

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Council to allocate additional money to Cville Plans Together initiative

It’s been three years since Charlottesville City Council opted to hire a consultant to create an affordable housing strategy, update the Comprehensive Plan, and rewrite the zoning code. Rhodeside & Harwell has been working on the Cville Plans Together initiative for over two years, and has accomplished the first two tasks.

Work is underway now on the zoning code and the Department of Neighborhood Development Services is seeking additional resources. 

“The first part is for $143,810 for community engagement and projects management as an ongoing activity,” said James Freas, the director of NDS. “And then the second part is for a housing market outcome modeling at $45,000.”

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Virginia nets $74.2 million in latest carbon cap-and-trade auction

The Regional Greenhouse Gas initiative has held its latest auction of carbon allowances to organizations that generate electricity. Virginia will receive $74.2 million in proceeds from the latest sale last week. That’s the fifth time Virginia has participated since joining the interstate compact in 2020 for a total of $301,855,695.52. 

“RGGI is a cooperative effort among eleven states – Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” reads the nonprofit’s website.

Those states have received nearly $5 billion in proceeds. By law, Virginia is required to direct 45 percent of its funding to the Community Flood Preparedness Fund and 50 percent to support energy efficiency programs for low-income households. 

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