Greene Supervisors seek divorce from Rapidan Service Authority

The Greene County Board of Supervisors has voted to formally request Madison County and Orange County to release Greene County from the Rapidan Service Authority. All three counties are members of the RSA, and there is a disagreement about whether to proceed with a new reservoir to serve Greene. Last summer, the RSA blocked the use of facility fees paid by Greene ratepayers to pay for the project, which has a permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

County Administrator Mark B. Taylor explained at a special meeting Monday night that the RSA is now willing to let Greene go, but there is a process.

“The RSA Board last week [urged] that week that we come back to the Board of Supervisors and ask for a resolution to be passed to reinitiate or reactivate our request to withdraw from the Rapidan Service Authority,” Taylor said. “Greene County is at a situation of wanting and needing to withdraw or depart by whatever means from the Rapidan Service Authority.

The special meeting was held yesterday in order to get the item on the agendas of the Madison and Orange Boards. The Greene County Board of Supervisors will be briefed on the status of litigation against the RSA at a closed meeting next week.  (Greene website on the White Run project)

The permit for the reservoir expires in 2028. That and all of the other documents are on the Greene County website.

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