McKeel announces third term to represent Jack Jouett District in Albemarle

Albemarle Supervisor Diantha McKeel took to the steps of the county office building in downtown Charlottesville Tuesday morning to announce her campaign to seek a third term representing the Jack Jouett District on the Board of Supervisors. 

“Four years ago I promised collaborative work in regional partnerships to strengthen business retention and expansion to create mid-level job opportunities,” McKeel said. “To integrate land use and multimodal transportation improvements, strengthen our investment in public safety services, expand affordable housing, and create a community resiliency plan to addres the damaging impacts from climate change.” 

McKeel said that since she has been on the Board, the county has a focus on economic development with a dedicated office devoted to the task. She also pointed to the creation of the Regional Transit Partnership. She said if she is elected to a third term, she will work on connectivity and continue to advance the goal of community resiliency. 

“I’d also like to give a shout-out to the community for their patience and flexibility in working with us over the last year,”  McKeel said. 

McKeel is the first candidate this year to announce on the steps of the County Office Building, a traditional spot for people to launch their bids. She said after a year of virtual meetings, she wanted to make a statement with her socially-distanced announcement. 

“I chose to do this announcement not over Zoom or Facebook but to do it in person because I’ve missed seeing everybody and I’ve missed being out and I think with our social distancing we can do it safely outside,” McKeel said. 

McKeel said she has lived in the Jack Jouett District for over 40 years. When she arrived, Albemarle was like a bedroom community for Charlottesville, particularly in her district. Now things are different. 

“It really has changed,” McKeel said. “The Jouett District is the smallest district geographically but we’re the densest district because if you think about it, many of the apartment complexes and we’re sort of in what I call the urban ring area. There are certainly other urban rings in other magisterial districts but we have the densehave urban rings.”

The seats in the Samuel Miller District and Rio District are also up this November. Liz Palmer will not seek a third term in Samuel Miller District. Jim Andrews is on the ballot in the June 8 Democratic primary, as is Ned Gallaway for the Rio District. 

Supervisor Diantha McKeel made her campaign announcement on April 6, 2021

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