Albemarle seeking input on proposed changes to cell tower policy

The county has hired CityScape consultants to review Albemarle’s rules for cell tower approvals to see how they might be amended to allow for construction of more towers to provide greater coverage and reliability. Potential ideas include allowing more height at some locations and downplaying the role visibility plays in site approval. 

In June, the Albemarle County Planning Commission reviewed the work to date at a work session. (read my story)

Now the county is seeking public input in a survey that runs through August 25. 

“We want to know what concerns you face with wireless internet connections and cell phone service, as well as your feedback on potential changes to current cell tower regulations,” reads the Engage Albemarle website

The website has links to the materials that have been made available so far including the presentations from the June work session. 

One of the slides from a presentation given to the Planning Commission in June 2023 (Credit: CityScape Consultants)

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