Your feedback sought for two “pipeline” studies for future transportation projects

There is a lot of growth happening across the entire region and there is endless planning work intended to inform the next set of projects to build infrastructure to handle all of the traffic. At any given point, the Virginia Department of Transportation has multiple studies underway to come up with the next of candidate projects for funding. Many of these are now visible through the agency’s “Project Pipeline” website including two that affect Albemarle and Charlottesville. 

The first pipeline study is for Barracks Road between Georgetown Road and U.S. 29. 

“This study will focus on improving roadway safety and enhancing multimodal accessibility and connectivity for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users,” reads the project page

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The second pipeline study covers Ivy Road and Old Ivy corridor as well as the interchange with U.S. 29. Earlier this year, Albemarle Supervisors approved a rezoning for 525 units on undeveloped land on Old Ivy Road. Many nearby residents had argued existing conditions are bad enough and more people would mean more possibilities that people would get hurt. 

Shortly before that rezoning on March 1, VDOT had presented conceptual plans with several ways to reconfigure some of the various intersections but these were met with opposition. (view the January 11, 2023 presentation

“VDOT greatly appreciates the recent engagement with the community on the possible transportation solutions in the Ivy Road and Old Ivy Road corridors and recognizes that recent transportation studies in this area gathered significant public input,” reads the project page for the Old Ivy project.

The two surveys will close on August 18. 

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