Charlottesville strategic plan moving forward

One of the tasks that outgoing City Manager Michael C. Rogers set out to perform has been the creation of a new strategic plan. Preparation of the last one broke down due to the pandemic and a series of departures by the city’s top executive.

In January, the city hired North Carolina firm Raftelis Financial Consultants to relaunch the process. There’s been a series of events this year for Council to identify goals.  Rogers had an update on Monday.

“Members of staff leadership participated in a session to review the City Council’s identified goals in order to brainstorm adding strategies and measures to those strategic outcome areas,” Rogers said. “The City Manager will review that draft framework in the next few weeks with the goal of a completed framework that will be presented to the City Council and the public.” 

Whereas a Comprehensive Plan sets the overall philosophy for a locality, the strategic plan is intended to direct the day-to-day working of government employees. If you’re interested in more stories on strategic plans, there’s a whole bunch more on Information Charlottesville

The current strategic plan for Charlottesville was adopted for FY2018 through FY2020 but has been extended

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