Fadeley raised most money among Albemarle Supervisor candidates in latest reporting period

There are 59 days until early voting begins in Virginia and 105 days until the count begins for all votes. Last week, campaigns had to report their campaign activity through June 30. That includes those that didn’t win election to the ballot in the June 20 primary.

There are two contested races for the Albemarle Board of Supervisors and one open seat that will likely go to the only person on the ballot unless someone mounts a write-in campaign.

In the Rivanna District, incumbent Democrat Bea LaPisto-Kirtley faces independent challenger T.J. Fadeley. A third candidate, David Rhodes, has dropped out of the race and has endorsed Fadeley. 

This was the first campaign finance report for Fadeley who raised $6,700 through June 30 with 15 contributions over $100. One of them is a $500 contribution from Michael Johnson. Johnson ran a write-in campaign against LaPisto-Kirtley in 2019 and got about a third of the vote and raised $99,336. 

Fadeley spent $4,445 during the period and had a balance of $2,254. 

T.J. Fadeley at his campaign launch on May 24, 2023 (Credit: Sean Tubbs)

This reporting deadline covered activity between June 9 and June 30. LaPisto-Kirtley began that period with a starting balance of $8,523 and raised $5,500 from two donors including one $5,000 contribution from Tiger Lily Capital LLC. She spend $2,019 during the period to have an ending balance of $11,734. 

In the White Hall District, independent Brad Rykal is challenging incumbent Democrat Ann Mallek

Mallek only raised $75 in the period and spent no money. That leaves the campaign with $18,539 in the bank as of June 30. 

Rykal began the period with $3,384 and raised $175. The campaign spent $1,785 in the period to have an ending balance of $1,774. 

Democrat Mike Pruitt is running unopposed in a bid to succeed Donna Price as the Scottsville District representative on the Albemarle Board of Supervisors. He began the period with $4,939 and raised $1,118 including $81 in in-kind expenses. 

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