Bryce continues to lead fundraising for Albemarle School Board

There are a total of four races for the Albemarle School Board this year but only two of them have more than one candidate.

Like the Albemarle Planning Commission, the School Board has seven seats with one person representing the entire county at-large. Newcomers Meg Bryce and Allison Spillman are both seeking to replace Jonno Alcaro. 

Bryce’s father is the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The candidate began the period with $27,717 on hand and raised another $5,950. The campaign spent $3,416 and had $30,251 on hand as of June 30. 

Spillman started off with $9,872 on the morning of June 9 and raised $1,108 including $510 in in-kind expenses. The campaign spent a total of $1,992 and ended the period with a balance of $8,987. 

The other contested race is in the White Hall District where incumbent Rebecca Berlin faces a challenge from Joann McDermid

Berlin was appointed to the seat last year to replace David Oberg who resigned before completing the term. She raised no money in the period and spent $934 in the campaign to have a balance of $965. 

McDermid began the period with $5,204 in the bank and raised $600. Her campaign spent $3,253 to have a balance of $2,551.

Incumbent Judy Le is running unopposed in the Rivanna District and raised $461 and spent $293 to end the period with $167 in the bank. 

Ellen Osborne faces no challenger in her campaign for a second term to represent Scottsville on the Albemarle School Board. Osborne began with $561 in the bank on June 9, raised $425, and spent $280. 

The next filing deadline is September 15, 2023 for activity between July 1 and August 31. That’s now! 

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