Albemarle seeking input on Broadway Corridor

There are many quirks in our community when it comes to land use and perhaps top of the list is a landlocked section of Albemarle County on the western banks of the Rivanna River surrounded by the City of Charlottesville. 

You may know the area as being the home of the redeveloped Woolen Mills which was overseen by developer Brian Roy. His investment sparked the interest of Albemarle County’s Office of Economic Development. A planning study of about 45 acres of land known as the Broadway Blueprint got underway in 2019 but its completion was delayed by the COVID pandemic. 

Here are two previous stories I wrote:

A second phase is about to begin. 

Broadway Blueprint Phase 2 will study the Broadway Corridor and focus on possible physical improvements to improve placemaking, connectivity, and economic vitality,” reads an email sent out by Albemarle County earlier this month. “The report will serve as a roadmap to guide future investment, policy decisions, and regulatory/zoning changes along the corridor.” 

A difference in Phase 2 is emphasis on equity and community in addition to economic development. Here’s bullet point #3 on the project website:

“Collaborate with the diverse community of stakeholders within and around Broadway including small business startups, local artisans, established businesses, property owners, neighboring County and City residents, and city officials and staff to draft recommendations that support the varied needs of the Broadway community.” 

Albemarle County will take public input through a survey through July 19 that seeks your opinion about why you go to the Broadway Corridor and what you might like to see there. (take the survey)

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