Charlottesville Mayor has bit part in local play

There are some odd perks to being mayor of Charlottesville, according to City Councilor Lloyd Snook. 

“I got a call from folks at the historical society asking me if I would be interested in a cameo appearance in a play, and I am going to be playing the part of the Governor of Virginia in a play that’s being produced up at PVCC,” Snook said.

The play is Can’t Feel at Home and tells the story of people who were displaced from their homes nearly a hundred years ago when Shenandoah National Park was created. 

“It’s based loosely on about three or families but it’s all very much true to life,” Snook said. “And if you have any interest in the history of Albemarle County and the history of this area, I would recommend it.”  

There will be four performances in total on Friday and Saturday. For more information, take a look at Jane Sathe’s preview in the Daily ProgressIt’s at the Dickinson Theatre at PVCC and you can get your tickets here.

As for Snook’s performance? 

“I get to play a mixture of Snidely K. Whiplash and Darth Vader as I tell the Sheriff he’s got to go burn those people’s houses down,” Snook said. 

Can’t Feel at Home is a presentation of JoeBob Productions and the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society.

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