Oschrin, Payne lead Council candidates in total fundraising

There are five candidates seeking Democratic nominations for the three slots on the Charlottesville City Council. 

Newcomer Natalie Oschrin began the period with $735 and raised a total of $29,941 in the period from a variety of sources. That includes $11,675 in contributions of more than $100, $3,660 in 64 contributions of less than $100, $1,000 in in-kind contributions from two photographers, and $13,156 in loans from family members and her own funds. Oschrin spent $5,621 in cash. She had $23,605 on-hand. 

Incumbent Michael Payne began the nine-week period with $3,598. He received $22,051 from various sources including $1,238 in a loan to himself on April 21 that was repaid on June 7. He also received $18,475 in 13 contributions more than $100, $2,145 in contributions less than $100, and $193 in in-kind contributions. 

Notable contributions include $10,000 from Marcia Geyer and $5,000 from the Stony Point Development Group. That’s the development firm behind Dairy Market. 

Payne spent $9,179 in itemized expenses and had a balance of $15,038 on June 8, 2023. 

Incumbent Lloyd Snook began the period with $8,180 and raised $6,150 during the period including four contributions over $100. One of those is $5,000 from author John Grisham. The Snook campaign spent $7,897 during the period. 

Challenger Dashad Cooper had $4,356 that was transferred over from his bid for the House District 54 seat. He raised $3,750 in cash from April 1 to June 8 and spent $4,456. That leaves Cooper with a balance of $3,650. 

Former City Councilor Bob Fenwick did not file an electronic copy. He reported no campaign activity in the past period. 

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