Bryce outraises Spillman in Albemarle’s at-large School Board race

Albemarle’s School Board has an at-large member, unlike the Board of Supervisors. The seat is open this year. 

Meg Bryce, the daughter of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, began the period with $17,204 on hand. She raised $17,065 including 33 contributions over $100. Bryce spent $6,552 to have $27,717 on hand. 

The other candidate in the race so far, Allison Spillman, had $1,250 on hand on April 1. She raised $11,892 including $327 in in-kind contributions and had 20 contributions of over $100. Spillman reported $2,942 in cash spent and ended up with $9,872. 

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