Alderman / McCormick intersection to be limited this summer

The University of Virginia makes many infrastructure changes in the months after graduation and this summer will include some disruptions around Grounds while work takes place.

Bill Palmer is the UVA Architect’s representative to the Charlottesville Planning Commission. He told that group last night that the western side of McCormick Road will be shut down later this month. 

“That’s going to be closed for the summer to kind of finish the streetscape that hadn’t been completed with Gilmer Hall because there were other projects going on,” Palmer said.

Credit: UVA Department of Facilities Management  

That work will coincide with another plan to install new water lines to the residence halls on Alderman Road to help meet UVA’s energy efficiency goals. That project will lead to another shut-down. 

“The second part of that is the major closure of Alderman and McCormick intersection,” Palmer said. “There will be only be one condition that you can get through there and that is to loop around if you are coming off Fontaine you can loop up O’Hill, come around down McCormick so you’re going east on McCormick and then you can take a left.” 

Status updates will be available on the website of the UVA Department of Faciliites Management.

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