Greene Planning Commission to continue Comprehensive Plan review

The Week Ahead newsletter that went out on Sunday is nearly 4,000 words long. But this is where I confess I neglected to list the meeting Wednesday of the Greene County Planning Commission. 

The group will meet in the administration building in Stanardsville at 6:30 p.m. but the meeting can be watched. You can also participate via Zoom. (agenda)

The first thing the group will do is elect officers in the annual organizational meeting. After that they will continue work on the Comprehensive Plan review. Greene County is taking a much more literal approach to the state code requirement to review the plan every five years by having the five Planning Commissioners go chapter by chapter.

“Greene County is very much a community in transition, a reality that underscores the importance of ensuring that whatever the County evolves into reflects the wishes and aspirations of those who live here,” reads the final paragraph of a section called Greene County: From Past to Present. (read the draft plan)

An image from the Economic Development chapter (Credit: Greene County) 

The entire draft will go before the Planning Commission at this work session, as will the 2023 update of the Ruckersville Area Plan. That plan was adopted a few years ago and is a ten-year look at what the county can do to make the unincorporated area of Ruckersville more of a place. (review the 2023 plan)

The Planning Commission will also take up a review of the county’s sign ordinance. The Board of Supervisors sent this review to the advisory body in September. 

“The Supreme Court issued a ruling that will require amendments to County Zoning Ordinances,” reads the staff report for this item. “ It has been determined that if a sign ordinance organizes and regulates signs based on their message or content, those portions of the regulation will be subject to strict scrutiny.”

The report also states the Ruckersville Area Plan update calls for a review of the sign ordinance to address clutter. 

An exhibit in the packet shows the locations of various signs in the Ruckersville area. To get the full effect, view the full map from the Greene County website. 

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