Charlottesville opens up funding window for affordable housing support

The Affordable Housing Plan adopted by the Charlottesville City Council in March 2021 called for additional funding as well as increased transparency for how that money is to be used. 

With that in mind, the latest NOFO for HOPS has been published.

That’s a Notice of Funding Opportunity for Housing Operations & Support. 

“HOPS funding is available to help community agencies in Charlottesville that work on affordable housing and homelessness support,” reads a press release on the matter. “This program is primarily funded by the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund and administered by the City’s Office of Community Solutions.”

There’s $575,000 available in this round of funding with the money available to grantees on July 1, 2024. The links in the press release are broken at publication time. 

There’s also a NOFA that gives us a Notice of Funding Availability for other housing funding opportunities:

  • Applications for the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund will be open from October 12 through November 16.  There’s $835,000 available in this year’s cycle and “funds will be used to directly support affordable housing projects or initiatives.”
  • Applications for Community Development Block Grant and HOME will be taken from January 8 through February 8. This is funding that comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 
  • There is an “to be determined” amount of funds available for “Housing Development Partnerships” for projects that require “significant investment consideration by the City.” 

Further details on the city’s website

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