Council candidates raise a total of $50 in July and August

There are three candidates for three seats on Charlottesville City Council with the three Democrats having been selected in the June 20 primary. No independent candidates qualified for the ballot and the Republican Party has not run a candidate since 2015. No write-in campaigns have emerged. 

According to campaign finance reports compiled by the Virginia Public Access Project, the three Democrats on the ballot raised a collective $50 in the campaign finance reporting period from July 1 to August 31. 

Incumbent Democrat Michael Payne started July with a balance of $9,775 and received one contribution of $50. He spent $603 with a lot of that on coffee at various establishments. 

Democrat Lloyd Snook began July with $4,424 in the campaign account and spent $12 on two monthly payments to SquareSpace. That leaves an ending balance of $4,412. 

Newcomer Natalie Oschrin started with $4,220 and spent $114 on websites and printing expenses. The ending balance is $4,079. 

There are four candidates running for four seats on the School Board. None of the incumbents sought reelection. Only one of the candidates filed a campaign report according to the Virginia Public Access Project. That was Amanda Burns, who reported she raised no money and spent no money meaning the balance of $200 applied to starting and ending. 

The other candidates are Christopher W. Meyer, Nicole R. Richardson, and Shymora Cooper.

There’s only one candidate for Charlottesville’s elected position on the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation District and that’s Joe Thompson. In Albemarle the candidates are incumbent Steven Meeks and newcomer Mark William Wastler. 

Why aren’t there more candidates? Is there something about this community that makes people avoid running for office? 

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