Spillman outraises Bryce in Albemarle School Board race

Campaign finance reports are in for Supervisor races as well

There is less than a week until early voting begins for the November 7 election which is 52 days away. On the ballot are all 140 seats in the General Assembly as well as local races. 

The first campaign forums and candidate town halls have begun and the latest round of campaign finance reports have been turned in. The Virginia Public Access Project compiles those reports making it easier for the rest of us to get a glimpse 

There are seven members of the Albemarle School Board with one at-large representative elected by the whole County. Incumbent Jonno Alcaro opted not to seek another term. 

Keep in mind there are only six members on the Board of Supervisors with none of them elected by all voters. 

Allison Spillman had $8,987 in the bank at the beginning of July and raised $44,122 in the two month period. That includes a $15,000 contribution from Sonjia Smith. The campaign had $15,884 in itemized expenses and $2,303 in in-kind expenses. Spillman had an ending balance of $34,921. 

Meg Bryce had a starting balance of $30,521 and raised $25,578 during the two months. This includes a $5,000 donation from Robert H. Smith. The campaign spent $22,073 and had an ending balance of $33,756 on August 31, 2023 

Bryce is the daughter of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. 

Rivanna District 

Incumbent Supervisor Bea LaPisto Kirtley had $11,734 on hand on July 1 and raised $17,350 over the two month period. That includes a $5,000 contribution from Sonjia Smith and another $5,000 from the Stony Point Development Group. Lifeview Marketing provided $6,200 in in-kind services. The incumbent spent $18,784 including that in-kind donation to have $10,299 on hand as of August 31. 

Independent T.J. Fadeley began the period with $2,254 and raised $9,843 in July and August. That includes a $5,000 contribution from Richard Gilliam. The campaign spent $1,473 including $222 in in-kind expenses. Fadeley had $10,624 on hand as September got underway. 

School Board Member Judy Le is the only candidate on the ballot but there is a write-in campaign underway. Le began the period with $167 in the bank, raised $650, and spent $211. The ending balance was $606. 

The write-in candidate is Michelle de Stefano and the campaign also filed a report. de Stefano opened up a campaign account on July 25 and raised $850 in the period. There are $431 in expenses and an ending balance of $418. 

White Hall District 

Democratic incumbent Ann Mallek had $18,539 at the beginning of July and raised $6,250. The campaign spent $4,216 and had $20,573 going into September. 

Independent challenger Brad Rykal had $1,774 on July 1 and raised $4,075 in the two-month period. The campaign spent $2,603 and a balance of $3,246 at the end of August. 

Rebecca Berlin is the incumbent in the School Board race after being appointed to the position in late 2022. Her campaign had a balance of $965 on July 1 and raised $3,784. Berlin spent $1,487 and had $3,262 on August 31. 

Joann McDermid is challenging Berlin and her campaign had $2,551 at the beginning of the period. She raised $3,785 and spent $1,534 in the two months. McDermid had $4,803 on August 1. 

Scottsville District 

Democrat Mike Pruitt is the only candidate on the ballot to succeed Donna Price as Scottsville District Supervisor. He began the month with $5,975 and raised $450 in July and August. The campaign spent $17. 

Incumbent Ellen Osborne is the only candidate on the ballot for the School Board. She began July with $706 and loaned herself $500. That’s the only receipt for the period and the campaign spent $421 to have an ending balance of $784. 

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