The Center to honor outdoing director with new endowment

In his 24 years of work as the executive director of the Center at Belvedere, Peter Thompson has overseen the nonprofit group’s mission to promote healthy aging in the community. That included a move from operations on Hillsdale Drive to a new facility in Belvedere. 

Now the organization has announced they will create an endowment in Thompson’s honor that will promote professional development as well as maintenance for the relatively new building. 

“Peter’s vision and enthusiasm inspired our community to support the construction of The Center at Belvedere,” said Christine Thalwitz, president of the Center’s Board of Directors. 

Now the entity is hoping to raise $100,000 in funds for the Peter M. Thompson Endowment for Capital Renewal and Professional Development. The first part will allow the Center to begin setting aside money to pay for items that may need replacing sometime in the mid 2030’s. 

The second part will go to help staff who want to gain new skills or otherwise improve their professional service. 

Potential donors can contact the Center’s Philanthropy Director Melanie Benjamin at 434.220.9744 or

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