Albemarle Supervisors holding public hearing to reaffirm previous decision to buy 462 acres near Rivanna Station

The six-member Board of Supervisors will meet at 1 p.m. Wednesday in Lane Auditorium in the county’s office building at 401 McIntire Road. The meeting can be reviewed remotely and members of the public can make comments at the designated public comment periods. (meeting info)

The meeting begins with two proclamations. The first recognizes July 4 as “the Beginning of American Independence.”  The second marks July 12, 2023 as John Henry James Day, marking the 125th anniversary of his murder at the hands of a lynch mob. 

There are two action items related to special exceptions for homestays. 

  • One is to allow a homestay use in an accessory structure at 8688 Little York Heights in the White Hall Magisterial District. (staff report)
  • The other is to allow a residence manager to be hired to fulfill residency requirements at 638 Rocky Hollow Road in the Rivanna District. (staff report)

There are 205 days until the General Assembly convenes for the 2024 session. Albemarle County seeks to be prepared and will have a work session on what happened in the previous session and what legislation Supervisors might request next time around. This will be the first of three such events. (staff report)

Next there will be a discussion of a review of a needs assessment conducted for Human Services as well as the possibility of expanding the county’s funding of third parties to provide more capacity to help people. 

“This initial human services needs assessment presents data and contextual information from the areas of homelessness, housing, criminal justice, food insecurity, behavioral health and financial need,” reads the staff report. “Emerging needs in the areas of family homelessness, adolescent mental health, community safety, and navigation for seniors are identified based on data and analysis of current community capacity and context.” 

In the evening there will be a public hearing required as part of the Board’s May 24 decision to acquire 462 acres adjacent to Rivanna Station for $58 million. The public hearing seems to be a box to check, as the staff recommendation is to adopt a resolution reaffirming the previous vote. (staff report)

Some items on the consent agenda are worth reviewing: 

  • Supervisors will approve minutes for: August 18, 2021; September 1; October 6, 2021; October 31, 2021. There is a perennial issue in Albemarle County with approval of minutes delayed for long periods of time. There are no approved minutes for all of 2022 and all of 2023. (staff report)
  • Supervisors will approve a resolution authorizing the use of 133 Galaxie Farm Lane for an elementary school. (staff report)
  • Supervisors will approve an amended ordinance for the Old Ivy Residences project to correct clerical errors that omitted one of the parcels of land and misidentified another. Supervisors approved the project on March 1, 2023 as I reported at the time. (staff report
  • Supervisors will approve a critical slopes waiver for 2305 Hunters Way for construction of a warehouse building. (staff report)
  • The above use is not a by-right use in the Highway Commercial zoning district but a special exception for that is also recommended. (staff report)
  • There’s a third quarter financial report that I’d love to know more about if I had more time. (staff report)
  • There’s an update on the plan to convert Free Bridge Lane on Pantops to a car-free promenade. Supervisors directed that to proceed in March and now the design is complete with a $2,394,000 cost estimate. 
The Promenade concept includes an overlook of the Rivanna River. (View the design) (Credit: LPDA)

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