Deeds and Hudson both raise over a half million for District 11 in latest campaign finance period

The heated campaign between Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate Sally Hudson for the new District 11 will be decided in six days, and both campaigns have plenty of money to spend in the final moments before the primary.

The Virginia Public Access Project has compiled campaign finance reports for the period between April 1 and June 8. 

Deeds began the month with $422,902 in the bank and raised a total of $516,322, including $456,495 in contributions greater than $100, $9,392 in contributions less than $100, and $50,435 in in-kind contributions more than $100. (view the raw report)

Notable contributions came from fellow members of the Senate including $45,000 from Senator Scott Surovell, $20,000 from Senator Mamie Locke, and $10,000 from Senator Barbara Favola. 

The Deeds campaign spent $677,336 in the period to end the month with $211,452.

Hudson began the period with $139,383 on hand and raised a total of $599,152 from April 1 to June 8. However, half of that is in-kind contributions. The totals are $282,058 in cash contributions over $100, $10,987 in cash contributions under $100, $305,116 in in-kind donations over $100, and $988 in in-kind contributions under $100. (view the raw report)

Sonjia Smith contributed another $100,000 in the period and the report lists $3,740 in in-kind contributions from Smith. Smith has previously contributed already $30,000 in cash. 

Hudson spent $417,318 in the period and had a balance of $15,111 as of June 8. 

Meanwhile, Republican candidate Philip Hamilton began the period with $509, raised $770, spent $1,017, and had a balance of $262. 

Independent candidate J’riah Guerreo raised no funds and spent no funds. Or at least, there’s no report. 

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