Snook leads Democrats seeking spot on November Council ballot

There are five Democrats in the primary race to be held on June 20 but only four of them filed reports electronically. The one who didn’t is Bob Fenwick, who filed his statement of organization on paper in the Charlottesville Registrar’s office. More reporting is needed. (no campaign website) 

Incumbent Lloyd Snook began the year with $4,107 and raised $6,935 from 33 donors and took out a $2,000 loan from himself. He received $2,500 from Seminole Trail Management and 10 other contributions above $100.  Snook spent $4,862 including a $360 fee for running for office. He ended the month with a balance of $8,180.  (campaign website)

Incumbent Michael Payne had $863 in his campaign account on January 1 and raised $2,735 from 35 donors with seven of those over $100. Payne didn’t spend any of the funds in the quarter and had an ending balance of $3,598. (no campaign website) 

Newcomer Natalie Oschrin only collected money for one week in late March and raised $735 from four donors with one above $100.  (campaign website)

Challenger Dashad Cooper left the race for House District 54, which we’ll get to next. He raised $5,719 for that campaign as well as the Council race. He spent $998 on the House campaign and transferred $4,720 to the Council campaign which officially began on March 14. He raised no funds for that race but spent $403 to have a balance of $4,356.  (campaign website)

Before you go: The time to write and research of this article is covered by paid subscribers to Charlottesville Community Engagement. In fact, this particular installment comes from the April 18, 2023 edition of the program as part of a segment from the latest campaign finance reports that were due on April 15. This and other stories from this day were produced by data made readily available by the Virginia Public Access Project.

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