Laufer raises more money than Squire; Squire has more donors than Laufer

There are two Democrats vying for the nomination for House District 55 which includes most of Albemarle County, a portion of western Louisa County, and a portion of northeastern Nelson County. Also a very small sliver of Fluvanna County. 

Both candidates raised a lot of money for a nomination contest that may lead to an easy victory in the fall. Delegate Rob Bell opted to retire rather than seek reelection.

Former Charlottesville School Board member Amy Laufer began the year with a balance of $88,761. She raised a total of $89,655 from 312 donors. Of those, 162 donors contributed more than $100 for a total of $80,988. Another 150 contributed $8,667. Laufer received three in-kind contributions totalling $5,310 from her husband Aaron Laufer. That adds up to a total of $94,965 in the period. 

Laufer spent $41,152 of cash and and in-kind contribution of $5,310 is recorded for an expanse. That brings Laufer’s ending balance to $137,264. 

Emergency room nurse Kellen Squire began the year with a balance of $45,187 and raised a total of $35,975 in cash from 1,041 donors. Of those, 911 were contributions below $100 totalling $20,805 and 130 above $100 totaling $15,170. Squire’s campaign also received five in-kind contributions totalling $9,837. That’s a total of $45,813 in receipts.

Squire’s campaign spent $16,783 in the period and ended with a cash balance of $64,378 as of March 13, 2023. 

Both campaigns sent out press releases.

“Support has poured in from our community because Virginians want an experienced leader in the House of Delegates,” said Dawson McNamara-Bloom, Communications Director for Amy Laufer’s Campaign. “support has poured in from our community because Virginians want an experienced leader in the House of Delegates. Everywhere we go in the district, people know Amy from a different organization or role she’s held in the community. ”

“I am thrilled and humbled by the outpouring of support from Virginians here at home and across the Commonwealth,” said Squire. “This historic number of individual contributions is a testament to the power of grassroots organizing for anyone willing to put in the work and commit to it.

Meanwhile, outgoing Delegate Rob Bell began the year with $132,434 and raised an additional $2,500. The campaign spent $26,636 and had an ending balance of $108,297 as of March 31. 

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