Natural Heritage Committee chair, Cultivate Charlottesville honored with UVA Sustainability Award

A University of Virginia committee that promotes environmental issues has honored the chair of Albemarle County’s Natural Heritage Committee. The UVA Sustainability Committee has given a 2022 Sustainability Leadership Award to Christine Hirsh-Putnam for her work in the community. Albemarle Supervisor Jim Andrews recognized the recognition on Wednesday. 

“She is described as a super citizen, she co-chairs the county’s Solid Waste Alternatives Advisory Committee and leads its outreach, communications, and education subcommittee,” Andrews said. “As this announcement reads, Christine is a subtle genius in inspiring sustainable habits in Albemarle County. She now only sows the seeds of inspiration on these committees but always waters them day after day with her time and energy.”

Cultivate Charlottesville also won the community award.

“Criteria for winners included demonstrating innovation and passion in work related to civic engagement, stewardship of the built and natural environment, discovery through teaching or research, and/or sound governance practices and collaboration,” reads the website for the award. 

The Civic Engagement Subcommittee of the Sustainability Committee also handed out other leadership awards: 

  • UVA students: Environmental Justice Collective
  • Faculty: Matthew Meyer, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, School of Medicine, and UVA Health Anesthesiologist
  • Staff: Institute for Engagement and Negotiation

Visit the UVA Sustainability committee’s web page to learn more. 

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