City to hire one firm to legal counsel for general operation, another for land use issues

The city is still seeking a replacement for former City Attorney Lisa Robertson with the position posted for applicants. Interim City Manager Michael C. Rogers had previously announced that Senior Deputy City Attorney Allyson Davies would serve as the interim attorney, but that has turned out to not be the case.

“We will fulfill the role of City Attorney with the law firm of Sands Anderson,” Rogers said. “We made that determination because we are down an attorney in the office and we think the nature of the support we need is with a law firm and not just one individual.” 

Rogers said there will be two project managers working to support the deputy attorneys on general business. However, the city is hiring a different firm to handle land use issues. 

“On land use matters we engaged Sharon Pandek’s firm who will work with planning on issues of the zoning ordinance over the next couple of weeks,” Rogers said. 

That firm is Pandak & Taves, according to a flier from the Virginia Association of Counties

The Charlottesville Planning Commission will hold a work session on the zoning code rewrite next Tuesday at 5 p.m.  (meeting info)

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