Albemarle schools to review name of Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

An elementary school in Ivy is the latest in Albemarle County to go through the process of determining whether its name is appropriate in the 21st Century. A committee is being formed to review whether Meriwether Lewis Elementary should continue to be named after the 19th century American explorer. 

“This is a great opportunity for Meriwether Lewis Elementary School families to gain a greater understanding of their school’s namesake and to build community in the process,” said Karen Waters, the director of community education for Albemarle County Public Schools. 

The committee will include Principal Jennifer Underwood, at least three teachers, three parents, and two community members in the school’s catchment area that do not have children currently enrolled as a student. 

Meriwether Lewis Elementary is the eighth school to go through the renaming process, which was put into place by the School Board in October 2018. So far, elementary schools named after Broadus Wood, Mary C. Greer, and Virginia L Murray will keep that name. 

Paul Cale Elementary became Mountain View Elementary on July 1, 2020. Mortimer Y. Sutherland Middle School was renamed Lakeside Middle School on July 1, 2021, and Jack Jouett Middle School became Journey Middle School just over two months ago. Murray High School has been named the Community Lab School. 

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