Challenger Throneburg challenges Good to an in-person debate

Updated August 8 with statement from the Good campaign:

The Democratic candidate in the Fifth District Congressional race has asked his opponent to agree to meet in person for a debate or other kind of candidate forum before the November 8 election. 

Josh Throneburg of Charlottesville became the candidate earlier this year before the primary when he was the only one to qualify for the ballot. 

“There’s one question I get asked more than any other and that is, when will the two of you debate?” Throneburg asked in a campaign video sent out this morning. 

Throneburg addressed his comments directly to Good and said there were at least three organizations that would hold a campaign event, and that he’s accepted all of them.

“But you have either rejected or ignored those invitations and so I want to make things crystal clear. I, Josh Throneburg, challenge you, Representative Bob Good to an in-person debate sometime between now and November 8.”

The Good campaign sent in a statement to Information Charlottesville on Monday afternoon:

“I welcome a debate with any and all opponents, and have not rejected any invitation. The voters of the 5th District are with me on the issues, and my campaign message resonates with them as they suffer under Democrat extreme policies. I look forward to traveling the district these next few weeks, and scheduling a future candidates’ debate.”

Good is seeking his second term in the U.S. House of Representatives having defeated Cameron Webb in the 2020 election. Candidate Good did participate in a September 9, 2020 virtual campaign forum put on by the Senior Statesmen of Virginia. You can take a listen to that whole event at the Charlottesville Podcasting Network

A request for comment or a response is out to the Bob Good for Congress campaign.

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