Albemarle County offers comments on transfer of CenturyLink assets

This week, the State Corporation Commission is holding two meetings on a petition from Lumen Technologies to take over control of CenturyLink. Among the public comments submitted so far is the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors who sent a letter on February 10 summarizing concerns they made to Lumen officials at a January 12 meeting. As part of the deal, the new company would acquire copper-based assets and the county wants to make sure that service continues. (hearing webpage)

“Many of our vulnerable communities live in the rural areas of our county, where topography and distance often preclude cellular coverage,” the letter reads. “For these residents, this copper-plant is a vital lifeline for accessing 911 service, particularly during and after severe weather events.” 

The letter also includes dozens of complaints about CenturyLink service for “terrible and ineffective customer service” and for a lack of maintenance of older equipment. (letter and complaints) (second set of complaints)

For anyone interested in learning more, there is a whole repository of documents available for public review, including Lumen’s petition to the SCC. 

The introduction to the petition from Lumen Technologies request for Century Link

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One thought on “Albemarle County offers comments on transfer of CenturyLink assets

  1. Just got my DSL line and landline service back. Windy conditions here in Albemarle County caused a Dominion power outage for 15 minutes or so. Once upon a time, the telephone and internet (on generator) would still work, unless the outage went on for many days. I was told that there are batteries in the substation down the road which recharge on the Dominion power and keep the phone/DSL working for a while during an outage. That’s no longer the case. Lately, every time Dominion power goes out, so do the internet and telephone. CenturyLink is just not maintaining their equipment and apparently doesn’t care. I fear for the future of our service under the investment firm CenturyLink is selling out to.

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