Riverbend files subdivision plan for Granger property

A development firm has filed a request with Albemarle County to subdivide a 69-acre property south of the Fontaine Research Park to make way for a neighborhood of 73 single-family homes.

Riverbend Development submitted the request for the Granger property, a piece of land that has long been the subject of speculation. 

Access to the site would be to Sunset Avenue Extended with an emergency access point onto Stribling Avenue, which is restricted by a one-way railway underpass. The lots will each have a minimum of 20,000 square feet and 80 feet of road frontage, except in the case of lots along cul-de-sacs.

This project would be consistent with the existing R-1 zoning and the Comprehensive Plan of Neighborhood Residential Density. No action is required by the Board of Supervisors as this is what is known as a ministerial review. 

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