Charlottesville plans to plant 160 trees this November

A cherry tree in bloom in Forest Hills Park on March 20, 2020

Do you have any idea for where the City of Charlottesville might plant a tree along a road or pathway? 

Last week, the Parks and Recreation Department sent out a notice that it expects to move forward with action this November. 

“The City of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation will be installing approximately 160 trees in public rights of way, local schools and parks, and city green spaces,” reads the press release.

Funding for this initiative comes from the city’s Capital Improvement Program which sets aside $100,000 each year for urban tree planting. The city also solicits donations on the Urban Forestry webpage

In an email, Urban Forester Steve Gaines said climate change is being taken in to account when selecting what species of trees to plant. 

“For example, Sugar Maple is not being planted by the city anymore as Albemarle county is at the very southern edge of its natural range,” Gaines wrote. “As things heat up, we don’t expect Sugar Maples to do well in this challenging environment for much longer.”

The Tree Commission has been discussing lists of trees that will withstand heat, as well as tree species that do better in urban environments. 

If there are any specific requests, people are asked to contact the urban forester at 434-970-3587. 

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