Fluvanna Board of Supervisors to decide on method for solar taxation, update JRWA agreement 

The five member Board of Supervisors in Fluvanna County will meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday in the Carysbrook Performing Arts Center at 8880 James Madison Highway in Fork Union. (meeting packet)

There are three action items.

  • One is a request to authorize a public hearing to consider a quitclaim deed with the Fluvanna Historical Society. This is related to the Free Hill Cemetery which is within the limits of the former Town of Columbia which was dissolved in 2016. All property reverted to the county and the idea is to gift the cemetery to the society. If approved, the public hearing will be held on October 18. (page 5)
  • The second is a discussion of which of two methods to tax solar facilities in Fluvanna. Do they keep machinery and tools and real estate tax, or do they switch to a method where income is charged at a flat rate of $1,400 per megawatt generated each year? (page 9)
  • The third is a similar resolution for Fluvanna County to amend the agreement with the James River Water Authority. (page 15)

There are five presentations.

  • There will be an update on the 2023 General Assembly from David Blount of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. (page 23)
  • There will be a quarterly report from the Virginia Department of Transportation. (page 27)
  • Dominion will give an update on its activities in Fluvanna County. (page 29)
  • There will be a discussion of pay for constitutional officers. (page 30)
  • A new tourism branding and marketing campaign is set to launch and Supervisors will get to take a look. This has been paid for through an American Rescue Plan Act Tourism Recovery Program grant of $60,000. (page 35)

There are no items under unfinished or new business. 

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