Seven Development submits fifth iteration of plans for 0 East High Street

A developer who seeks to build 245 apartment units on land in the floodplain of the Rivanna River maintains that the City of Charlottesville must accept a site plan for the project that contains public roadways and trails. 

“The June 2nd site plan submittal contained a variety of public facilities, included at the request of the parks and recreation department as public amenities to be constructed by the developer and dedicated to the City of Charlottesville,” reads a letter to the city from the firm Shimp Engineering. 

That site plan submission was the fourth for the project, which has seen a lot of opposition emerge from both neighbors and those concerned with building within the floodway. All plans submitted to date show that the buildings would be elevated by being constructed on fill dirt. 

The fourth submission featured two public roadways that would connect the project to East High Street and Caroline Avenue. This was done to address city comments in earlier versions. 

On August 8, the Charlottesville Planning Commission made a recommendation to City Council that the roadways included in the plan are not consistent with the Comprehensive Plan in something known as a 2232 review, referring to the Virginia Code.  

However, Shimp Engineering argues the city did not meet the deadline to conduct that review within sixty days. 

“The timeline of the review had not been extended by the Governing body prior to August 1,” their letter continues. 

The city has until October 5 to make formal comments on the latest submission from Seven Development. 

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