Free Enterprise Forum releases local spending report

A nonprofit group that tracks activities of local governments throughout the region has released the annual report of spending activity. 

“The Free Enterprise Forum Local Government Spending Index (LGSI) is modeled after the statistical methodology used to calculate the Consumer Price Index,” reads the introduction of the fifth Choices and Decisions report.

Data comes from the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Auditor of Public Accounts, an office that produces a Comparative Report on Local Government Revenue and Expenditures. The Free Enterprise Forum whittles down the localities to Albemarle, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa and Nelson.

Some interesting highlights:

  • Charlottesville had the highest per capita spending in the region at $5,385 in FY22
  • Albemarle’s per capita spending in FY22 was $3,643.90
  • Nelson County’s per capita spending in FY22 was $3,392.21 
  • Louisa County’s per capita spending was $3,356.56 
  • Greene County’s level of spending per person is $3,212.20  
  • Fluvanna County’s per capita spending in the period was $2,836.63. That’s the lowest amount. 

What else is in the report? Take a look on the Free Enterprise Forum’s website.

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