What issues exist on Pantops that the Community Advisory Committee can help with? 

The Pantops Community Advisory Committee will meet at 6:15 p.m. in the Kessler Conference Room at the Martha Jefferson Hospital Outpatient Center. (meeting info)

There are two items today including a presentation from the Charlottesville Area Alliance. 

“The Charlottesville Area Alliance was formed by 5 nonprofits serving seniors in 2015,” reads the agenda. “The focus of CAA was and is to works towards a region that is welcoming to all ages.” 

The second item is an open discussion sparked by two questions:

  1. Are there issues or concerns in Pantops that need more attention? How might our committee help get greater attention focused on these? 
  2. Given that one of the goals of the Master Plan is to foster connectivity within Pantops, what concrete ideas do you have that could help strengthen a sense of community in the Pantops area? 

I’d love to hear your responses, too, either in email or in the comment section. 

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