Planning Commission and Council to discuss how the Charlottesville Development Ordinance will be considered for approval

The clock is ticking for the Charlottesville Planning Commission to make a recommendation on the city’s Development Code. Earlier this month, the City Council officially referred the new zoning and subdivision ordinance to the PC. A week later, the city released the final draft of the rules which I’ve detailed in this article.

There are some other items to review on what may well be the final release of new information to the Cville Plans Together website.  One is an affordability manual that is intended to govern how the city’s new requirements to provide below-market units will work. I have a story on that here.

Another is an eight-page Community Engagement report from February 2023 to June 2023.

“There were nearly 600 comments provided, with a range of topics,” reads that report. “This section contains a high-level summary of the most common themes from input received via all methods noted in the previous section.”

There is a spreadsheet that has several hundred comments from this period worth reviewing. 

One omission from the final ordinance is the complete removal of the “Sensitive Communities” areas. I’ll be writing about that as soon as I complete this newsletter today. These were identified in the Comprehensive Plan but not specifically called out in the Affordable Housing Plan. The zoning code will offer no specific tools for how to prevent displacement. 

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