More vacancies in Charlottesville according to latest report 

The number of vacant storefronts in Charlottesville increased slightly as 2023 passed the mid-way point. 

The city’s Office of Economic Development periodically releases a report of retail vacancy rates in six separate areas. Out of the 449 retail spaces tracked by the city, there were 26 empty commercial spaces or a total vacancy rate of 5.79 percent.

That’s up from 4.68 percent as recorded in the January 2023 report, or five more vacancies this time around. 

There were 11 vacant storefronts on the Downtown Mall, up from eight in January. The section of the report on the Mall counts Draft Taproom as being occupied. Another new opening is the opening of Lone Light Coffee in the space on 4th Street NE that had been occupied by The Pie Chest. 

Vacancies include the Dewberry Hotel, the former Fellini’s space at 200 West Market Street and the former home of Vita Nova. Several restaurants that had been part of the Champion Hospitality Group are now vacant including Passiflora and Brassiere Saison. 

There were seven vacancies in Seminole Square Shopping Center, up from six months ago. The report notes that there is a mixed-use redevelopment planned at this location so several vacant storefronts are not included.  (See also: Great Eastern Management Company presents plan for mixed-use redevelopment of Seminole Square, March 25, 2022)

One recent closure at Seminole Square was Dogwood Refillery. An opening has been Seoul Korean BBQ in the former Chili’s building. 

Barracks Road Shopping Center added two more businesses for a total of six vacancies. 

Both Preston Plaza and McIntire Plaza had no vacancies for the second report in a row. 

The Corner had no vacancies in January but there were two recorded in July. 

Take a look at the full report at this link (Credit: Charlottesville Office of Economic Development)

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