Rogers presides over final Council meeting

On Monday, City Council formally elevated Deputy City Manager Sam Sanders to a position that’s been held on an interim basis by Michael C. Rogers. Rogers works for the Robert Bobb Group, a company hired by the city in January 2022 to provide managerial services.

“My assignment was to stabilize government operations, present the budget, fill a number of critical vacancies, and present to Council programs and policies necessary for the efficient working of government,” Rogers said. 

Rogers said he believes he’s accomplished that goal and is leaving Charlottesville better than he found it. He thanked Council for their leadership during his tenure.

“In 37 meetings that have been held where you took 263 votes, 245 of them were unanimous,” Rogers said. “That’s 93.16 percent. That certainly means that you talk to each other. You work things out. That doesn’t mean that there’s total agreement across the board but you did the work of governance and worked it out.” 

Rogers also thanked Sanders and fellow Deputy City Manager Ashley Marshall for their work. 

“You have been exemplary and at the top of the list of the number of deputies that have worked with me over my career,” Rogers said. 

Council adopted a proclamation recognizing Rogers for presiding over the adoption of two budgets, the funding of $90 million for the renovation of the newly renamed Charlottesville Middle School, and adoption of a Climate Action Plan. 

One item that has not been completed is adoption of a new zoning code. A future next edition of Charlottesville Community Engagement will hopefully get us to speed. 

After the proclamation for Rogers, Council voted unanimously to authorize a contract for Sanders. He’ll be paid $240,000 a year plus a $6,000 allowance for vehicles.

“Thank you to the members of Council for your support,” Sanders said. “I’m definitely looking forward to the ability to bring forward your vision for the city.”

Sanders said there is a lot for city government to get done. This next part sounds familiar.

“I may be one who struggles to achieve work life balance and people are reminding me of that and I will always encourage others to seek and find theirs so as they do that with them I hope to bring that for myself,” Sanders said. 

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