Rykal technically outraises Mallek in White Hall District with large in-kind contribution

Incumbent Ann Mallek is seeking a fifth term and had $17,640 in the bank on April 1. She raised $7,385 in the period with 13 contributions over $100 including one $1,000 donation from former Jack Jouett Supervisor Dennis Rooker. Mallek spent $6,560 to end with a balance of $18,464. 

Independent challenger Brad Rykal began the period with a balance of $1,704. During the period his campaign raised $2,225 in cash and received $6,000 in an in-kind contribution from Autumn Hill Advisors LLC. According to the State Corporation Committee, that is an entity registered to Eric Schmitz of Crozet. 

“Goods or services offered free or at less than the usual charge result in an in-kind contribution,” reads a definition on the website of the Federal Election Commission.  “Similarly, when a person or entity pays for services on the committee’s behalf, the payment is an in-kind contribution.” 

Rykal spent $545 in the period to end with a balance of $3,384. 

There is a contested race for School Board in the White Hall District. Rebecca Berlin was appointed to the position last year to replace David Oberg. She raised $1,800 in cash and received a $100 loan. She spent no money to have a balance of $1,900 in June 9. 

Challenger Joann McDermid had a balance of $4,369 on April 1 and raised $4,506 in cash during the period. That includes ten contributions of more than $100. McDermid’s campaign spent $3,670 during the period including $2,623 in consulting fees to Rob Schilling, a former Charlottesville City Councilor and talk show host on NewsRadio WINA. McDermid had a balance of $3,670 on June 8, 2023. 

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