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Today’s a strange day where I will be on WINA’s Charlottesville-Right Now on a Wednesday rather than a Monday. Usually on Mondays, I send Courteney Stuart a rundown of various things I wrote about in that week’s Week Ahead newsletter. Those usually come out on Mondays.

But what to do when I switch up the days as happened this week? The week is mostly over and many of the meetings I preview have already happened. So today instead, we’ll talk about what’s in today’s edition of Charlottesville Community Engagement. You can visit that site here and please sign up.

And this post exists solely so that listeners to the program can find the newsletter. In about 18 months of doing the show, I’ve struggled to explain to a radio audience how someone accesses the newsletter, which is on Substack. Substack is a content platform for writers and I’ve published hundreds of newsletters and stories since July 2020. During that time, Substack has made a lot of advances including the creation of a very useful app.

Yet, explaining this on the radio is not easy, so I usually promote this site which I set up to serve as an archive for the individual stories. It’s difficult to find old material so I post most of the stories to this site so they can be more easily found by search engines. All of this work is intended to create a steady body of work and one day I hope to offer more directly on this site.

So for today, I’m posting this for anyone who has always wondered how to get to the actual newsletter. So please subscribe and help me grow this community resource!

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