Charlottesville appoints new police board director

The City of Charlottesville has hired a 28-year veteran of law enforcement to serve as the next director of civilian oversight for the police department. Inez Gonzalez served 25 years with the police department in Newark, New Jersey

“Ms. Gonzalez is passionate about police accountability and policies that ensure that accountability,” said Ashley Marshall, the city’s Deputy City Manager for Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. 

Gonzalez will begin work on May 1. 

“Her tenure at the police department included her being the first Hispanic female to be appointed to the rank of Lieutenant as well as the rank of Captain in the history of the Newark police force,” Marshall said. 

Hansel Aguilar left the position last October to take a similar job in Berkeley, California.  A search has been underway since then. Marshall explained more background about the position. 

“The Police Civilian Oversight Board as created through the hard work of members of our community in 2019 has the power to develop and administer a process for receiving complaints about the Charlottesville Police Department, to review the police department’s Internal Affairs investigations at the request of a civilian complainant, and among other tasks, the Board may conduct hearings and make findings concerning CPD’s Internal Affairs investigations,” Marshall said. 

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